DermaLuminal Ltd is an Estonian company which built new innovative low level red LED light therapy based skincare devices. We are group of curious people who decided to create something that could truly help so many people who are struggling with different skin conditions. We believe in the science and quality. Our devices are developed and made in Europe, more precicely in Tallinn, Estonia.

We have created unique skincare devices for more efficient skin after-treatment. Devices use unique deep red LED low-intensity light therapy on the most efficient wavelength which promotes capillary blood flow, enhances elastin production and leads to faster skin cells recovering. DermaLuminal skincare devices have accomplished amazing results in accelerated scar healing (burn scars, acne scars, etc), remarkably reducing inflammation after invasive skin treatments or sun burns and promoting hair growth by invigorating hair follicles.

We believe skincare is not only physical but also psychological. Having scars or bad skin may lead to low self-confidence and a feeling of shame.  People try to hide these kind of conditions by using temporary means because we don’t have a long term solutions for the conditions. After all, it is only human to show our good aspects while hiding those we are not happy about.

Our mission is to help make recovery more efficient with a physical treatment which we think will also have a positive psychological effect.


Controlled quality


Based on science


Only advantages

I love using DermaLuminal Clinic in my work! The device covers a very large part of the face and decolletage which means the effect area is larger and light reaching to the skin is more even. I have seen some very good results in treatments of scars, superficial wrinkles and the most amazing results have been in the treatment of redness and rocacea. Clients feel the nice warmth and are giggling how it feels like a quick vacation under the palm trees! :)

Maria Hintser (Medical cosmetologist), Confido Medical Center

I used DermaLuminal Home for treating my scars that are the result of a steam burn accident which lead to 1st and 2nd-degree burns on my body. After five days of using the device, I saw my scar structure to change. The inflammation level was reduced and scarred skin became softer. I continued with the DermaLuminal therapy in combination with LPG massage and the results got even better. I also noticed that the length of time for the redness or irritation on my skin is decreased thanks to DermaLuminal. Before it would take the whole night for my skin to cool down after the simplest thing like taking a shower but now, using DermaLuminal for 10-15 minutes, my skin is cooled down and redness is disappeared.

I’ve included DermaLuminal to my everyday skincare. We all have those days when we find a little pimple or two on our face and we feel the urge to deal with them. DermaLuminal is a great tool for me to get rid of the skin irritation and helps my skin to recover easily for the next day!

Karmen, Happy Customer